Is Your Team Ready For A Challenge?


What makes TeamScape different? TeamScape is a mobile version of escape rooms specifically designed to suit your company's team building needs. We provide a comfortable space that can adequately assess participants critical thinking skills while immersing them in an interactive game with other team members. Our games are convenient in both accessibility and pricing. We save precious time by adapting to almost any building layout. 



More Than Just A Game


After originating from online games in the 1980's, eventually people wanted more of a real life experience; hence, the first real life, live-action escape room was born in Japan.  Soon escape rooms spread throughout Asia in the late 2000's. Escape rooms are interactive experiences where teams work to complete objectives, think creatively, solve puzzles, and are able to be fully immersed in a fun environment. Clues are provided to reach the end goal, but the journey is up to your team.



How We Are Different


We are able to take our games to any location. Our games are designed to be adaptable to any environment.   


Let us work with your company to meet your scheduling needs.



Why leave the comfort of your office? Let us set up in your own familiar space.


Don't waste time traveling to do team building offsite.  Save valuable time by us bringing the games to you.

What We Offer


At TeamScape, your team members will experience tailored exercises designed to reveal both individual and group traits. The various games will provide an interactive, engaging, hands on, fun, applicable, fully immersive experience requiring imagination and logical thinking for puzzles that create situational reactions to reveal the true leaders, laggers, and everyone in between.